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Singing Waiters UK was created by a dedicated team of passionate professionals who have spent many years working in the entertainment industry. We are united in our love for music and feel strongly about offering a service that is one of a kind. Our Singing waiters and performers are some of the best in the industry, with many of us having worked in West End shows, international tours, on the world's leading cruise lines and TV talent shows. Our main objective is to offer an affordable product that will be the highlight of any event. If you are looking for that extra special something to really lift the atmosphere (and not break the bank), get in touch and we will have a chat!

© Dan Morris Photography


What to expect

Our singing waiter/ waiters will arrive at the venue approximately two hours before guests are due to arrive and will find the venue coordinator/ event organiser (who we will liaise with extensively prior to our arrival.) We arrive early in order to set up our equipment in the room where the wedding breakfast/ event will take place without anyone seeing us. Discretion is of the utmost importance as many of our clients book us as a surprise! We are very careful to make sure that our presence is kept a surprise! 

Once we have set up and done our sound checks we will then go and get changed into our waiter outfits. Each venue is likely to have slightly different waiter attire but we will make sure we blend in perfectly by borrowing venue branded clothing from each venue. Now this is where the fun begins! 

For the rest of the day, we will be creating the illusion that we are actually waiters.  In order to maintain this illusion we assist with some moments of service. This can include serving drinks at the drinks reception, serving some canapés, and making sure everyone has got a nice amount of wine! 

We love this part of the day as it’s great to get a feel for our audiences. It’s wonderful hearing little snippets of conversations and building up a rapport with guests at the wedding/ event. People do not expect the waiter/ waiters that they have seen throughout the day to suddenly burst into song!

After the main course or straight after dessert there is usually a bit of a lull (a dip in energy) and that’s the perfect time for us to perform the ‘reveal!’

The ‘reveal’ can be performed in a number of different ways. Here at Singing Waiters UK we have a few personal favourites but the cutlery drop is a sure fire way to get everyone’s attention.

The cutlery drop - The singing waiter will walk into the middle of the room and expertly fall over and scatter the cutlery over the floor with a loud clatter. This is sure to get everyone’s attention. Once the waiter gets up, they will dust themselves off and apologise to the room, explaining that they are very new to the venue and this is one of their first days on the job. After a little bit of inspired nervous acting we will have our audiences hanging off every word.. perfect for what comes next.

The other singing waiter/ someone who’s in on the act, will hit play on our sound system and the music will commence.

Our set is designed to be fun, inclusive and accessible to all demographics and age groups. We will encourage dancing, singing, napkin waving, dance-offs, sing-offs, love trains and general jubilant merry-making. After the set we will say our farewells to the bride and groom, pack away our gear and leave you to enjoy the evening entertainment. 



Five Star Review Rate

We are immensely proud to say we have a 100% client satisfaction rate with all of our reviews being rated at 5 star level.

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